Social Marketing Strategy


What should we build, and who should we build it for ?


What should we charge, and is it the right price ?


Where do our customers buy from and where do they want to buy ?


How do we convince our customers to try and buy what we offer ?

Solutions We Provide



Conduct audience, industry or market level research

Search is a social research platform offering access to real time and historical social media conversation around your brand, competitors, market trends and a lot more without any restriction on number of keywords or results.

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Analyze audience and community

Discover is a cutting-edge visual analytics and psychographic tool helping to identify audiences with common interests, content opportunities for future campaigns and understand how people value your offerings.

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Competitive benchmarking and analysis

Now, you will never miss a crucial conversation! Get a unified view of all your earned and owned data across social media channels with Listen. This social monitoring platform ensures you collect brand and industry-relevant images and content in real-time.

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Configurable routing and workflow

Publish combines social management across all channels, content marketing and analytics into a single platform to manage content and create social media campaigns for the high demanding customers.

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Earned, owned, and paid community management

Engage your customers to create a strong brand presence and customer loyalty on the social forum. With Engage, you can streamline internal effectiveness and know what response is best suited for which customer.

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Dynamic dashboards and configurable reporting

Analyze offers a complete view of all your earned owned and paid social content. Enjoy optimized campaigns and increased ROI, in near real-time.

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Wall display, desktop, mobile, tablet

Display integrates data and content from your owned, 3rd party and social sources to give you a holistic 360° view of your performance. It is a command center suite, providing insight into your performance indicators and metrics.

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Our Service

Implementation Training and Enablement Services

Your day-to-day business will follow its usual workflow when we use our streamlined implementation services. We ensure long-term success through quick platform roll out and customized configuration.

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Integration Services

API integrated with each solution gives you control over where, how and when you get our social media analytics and data. If you prefer self-service, our API documentation library can help you with our APIs.

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Reporting Services

You get easy access to all important metrics. Our team of analysts helps clients create and email customized reports, in addition to platform-inclusive, high-value dashboards.

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Social Success Management

We have a dedicated and skillful team for Success Management. The professionals can support and coordinate with you across all aspects of your social experience.

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Managed Services

Increase the success of your social marketing efforts with our experts, remotely or onsite. Whether you want to update your platform configuration need administrative help.

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Strategy Advising

Our talented team of analytics and strategy specialists carries substantial experience of creating and analyzing social workflows for globally leading organizations.

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